Thanks for visiting GroupTestWinner! I’m Ed and I look forward to bringing you thorough and trustworthy reviews to assist you in researching your purchases.

I doubt anyone’s interested, but if you are at a loose end here’s a very brief intro…

I’ve been playing around with PCs and consoles since the late 1980s. Started with a C64 and then an Amiga a couple of years later. In 1996 I got my first PC (a Pentium 133MHz with 32MB RAM and Matrox Millenium II graphics). Anyone remember the Gateway2000 black and white “cow” boxes?

After that I began assembling all my Pcs by hand and upgrading individual components as and when. Never really tempted by Apple as I like to be in control. I do have an iPhone though which I really like.

At first I always bought from specialist PC component shops as they had the best range, product information and prices. These days – not so much! I still check the online “specialists” but end up buying the majority of my stuff from Amazon. There are several reasons for this including their “customer is always right” returns service, often the best price, click and collect delivery, prime additional benefits, money saving promos (e.g 2 for $30).

Gateway PC circa 1997

While amazon listings have lots of information on the product, the comparison tables for more specialist products seem to focus on the wrong areas…

E.g. comparing a new range of CPUs and not sure which are quad and which are six core? Amazon, bless-em, will display a nice comparison table which leaves out information on clock speed and core count, but does list the weight of the item or size of the box it comes in. Don’t know about you but weight is not something I tend to factor in when choosing a CPU!

Therefore one of my primary aims on this website is to produce comparison tables that contain the categories that you actually need to consider, backed up by jargon-busting advice and guidance.

As prices often change, where possible I’ll have links to your local Amazon website to check on the current price they’re selling an item for. If you go on to buy from Amazon then I’ll get a small commission. If you’re not comfortable with this, that’s fine; you can manually open Amazon.com in a new tab and search for products in the usual way. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, but the price you pay will be the same whichever method you choose.

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